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 September 10, 2023

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April 01, 2023


September 15-16, 2023



 Pelvis and hip joint 

Rheumatology meets orthopedics

Anatomy and biomechanics. Testing

Top or spine? How to distinguish hip pain from radiculopathy? Survey algorithm

Tendonitis of the greater trochanter. Modern approaches to a popular problem. UVT, PRR, GKS. Or maybe just exercise therapy?

Snapping hip. Interesting, but clinically important?

Athlete's thigh. What kind of pathology to expect and treat?

Ischial bursitis, piriformis syndrome - diagnoses from the past?

Diagnostics and rheumatic search

Pathology of the hip joints in rheumatic diseases

Children's hip problems

Adult problems "come from childhood"

Pain from the back. When do you need a neurologist?

Safety of NSAID Therapy – Difficulties in Choice

Modern approaches to the treatment of chronic and acute pain

Approaches to conservative treatment of hip joints

Orthobiology and cellular technologies for the treatment of hip joints

Rehabilitation and sports. Rehabilitology opportunities

Joint-sparing surgeries: hip arthroscopy, osteotomies in the hip area

Joint replacement surgery. Endoprosthetics from simple to interesting

Problems after surgery and ways to solve them. Revision arthroplasty and infection control

Impingement syndrome and its types (CAM, Pincer)

Is internal impingement rare?

Sacroiliitis - so the diagnosis is obvious?

Aseptic necrosis of the hip joint

Impingement, resection and suture of the articular lip. What is in fashion now?

Periprosthetic fractures

Infection early and late

Component Instability

Complications and ways to solve them. Recurrent dislocation. Dual Mobility





Elizaveta Kon
Vice-President of International Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation Society (ICRS), Professor of Humanitas University
(Milano, Italy)

Gert Petje
Principal surgeon of the endoprosthetic center (EndoCert), Speising
(Vienna, Austria)

Reiner Schnettler
Director of Clinic of casualty surgery, Prof.
(Giessen, Germany)

Khaled Emara
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Ain Shams University of Cairo
(Cairo, Egypt)

Weniamin Orljanski
Vienna Private Clinic, Prof.
(Vienna, Austria)


Karl Peter Benedetto
Professor Dr., Department of traumatology and sports injury, Landeskrankenhaus  
(Vienna, Austria)

Demirhan Diracoglu
Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Prof.
(Istanbul, Turkey)


Association of Rheumatic disease surgeons

Nasonova Research Institute of Rheumatology

Association of Trauma and Orthopedic Surgeons of the Russian Federation

Organizers & Committee





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